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  • A Year in the Life: Thankful - Episode 14

    Date posted: 28/04/2017
    A Year in the Life

    Nath stops to look back and reflect on his season. He has so much to be thankful to God for - and so we do we. Check out his summary of the series.

  • A Year in the Life: Pride - Episode 13

    Date posted: 21/04/2017
    A Year in the Life

    There's a danger that self confidence can quickly lead to pride. We can boast about what we do in our sport or what we do with our own gifts and talents, but the gospel gives us a different view of where our confidence should lie.

  • A Year in the Life: Worship - Episode 12

    Date posted: 31/03/2017
    A Year in the Life

    Why is it you play your sport? What motivates you? Here's how the good news of Jesus can shape the way we train and compete.

  • A Year in the Life: Ashamed - Episode 11

    Date posted: 17/03/2017
    A Year in the Life

    There are so many opportunities to speak of Jesus in our sports clubs and teams, but it's often the last thing we want to do. Here's a great reminder when we find ourselves ashamed of the gospel.

  • Podcast: Danno meets... Ann O'Flynn

    Date posted: 10/03/2017
    Ann O'Flynn

    With the RBS 6 Nations in full flow, we return to the rugby field for this month’s Christians in Sport Podcast. Danno meets Army captain and former England women’s international Ann O’Flynn, who was a real pioneer when she took up rugby in the 1980s and still loves the sport...