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  • What does the Bible say about sport?

    Date posted: 12/05/2016


  • Podcast: Danno meets... Alison Nicholas

    Date posted: 29/04/2016
    Podcast: Danno meets... Alison Nicholas

    She may be small in stature but, Solheim Cup winning captain and winner of 18 professional golf tournaments, Alison Nicholas stands tall amongst her peers. In an enthralling interview, Alison has some particularly fascinating insights into what it takes to be a top leader, what it took to get the...

  • Born to Play

    Date posted: 01/04/2016

    When you play or compete in your sport, do you ever think "I was made for this"? Ever get the feeling that sport is in your DNA and it's part of who you are? Why is that? Because you were born to play.

  • How can I talk about Jesus with my teammates?

    Date posted: 30/03/2016

      Some people love to chat, whilst others are naturally a bit quieter. A few people struggle to stop talking, while others struggle even to speak up at all! We’re all wired up a little bit differently but every Christian, regardless of their personality, will know that mixture of...

  • Good Friday: Live!

    Date posted: 11/03/2016
    Good Friday: Live!

    Jesus of Nazareth is being crucified and you can follow it all live here! Who you do think he is? To download this video for use in church services, assemblies etc. please use the form below (we also have the film available in Spanish which you can get via the same form below).     var...