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  • Video: The Two Sides of Sport

    Date posted: 22/02/2017
    Two sides of sport

     Why is it that sport can bring out the best and the worst in us?

  • Podcast: Danno meets... Chris Jones

    Date posted: 03/02/2017
    Chris Jones

    We are marking the return of the Six Nations with a foray into the world of rugby union for the latest Christians in Sport podcast, but this month’s interviewee has a far from conventional tale to tell.

  • Podcast: Danno meets... Darren Moore

    Date posted: 06/01/2017
    Darren Moore

    We kick off the new year on the Christians in Sport podcast with a trip to the Hawthorns – home of West Bromwich Albion. Here Danno meets former West Brom, Derby and Portsmouth defender Darren Moore, who is now first-team coach at West Brom.

  • Prayer Diary: January - April 2017

    Date posted: 29/12/2016
    Prayer Diary: May - August 2016

    Prayer is central to all that we do at Christians in Sport. Join the thousands of people praying regularly for the work by reading or downloading this term's prayer diary, which has a specific prayer for every day.

  • Podcast: Danno meets... Niel Louw

    Date posted: 02/12/2016
    Niel Louw

    On Boxing Day 1984, Niel Louw suffered a freak electrical accident that changed his life forever. He, his brother and a friend were towing a catamaran towards a lake in their native South Africa when its mast touched an overhead powerline. Instantly 11,000 volts surged through their bodies.