Our staff

Our staff

  • Simon Poole

    Simon Poole

    UK Team Simon is part of the UK Team. He lives in Bicester and is a duathlete, running with Alchester Running Club and is at Town Church, Bicester. 
  • Linvoy Primus

    Linvoy Primus

    Performance Team Linvoy, a former professional footballer himself, supports professional footballers around the UK, plays in Legends charity matches for his former clubs Portsmouth, Reading and Barnet and is part of Family Church, Portsmouth. Click here to email Linvoy.
  • Jill Proctor

    Jill Proctor

    Partner Relations Team Leader Jill oversees growing the work of Christians in Sport through supporting those who partner with us. She is also Safeguarding Lead. Jill is a member of Bicester Millennium Cycle Club and committee member of Bicester Foxes Netball Club. Jill is part of St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford. Click...
  • Keith Proctor

    Keith Proctor

    Managing Director Keith has been the Managing Director of Christians in Sport since 2000, plays football in Bicester and is part of St Ebbe's Church, Oxford. Click here to email Keith.
  • Kate Randle

    Kate Randle

    Assistant to General Director Kate provides administrative support to Graham Daniels and assists him in administering and delivering training and staff development. She is also part of the performance team in supporting para athletes. Kate plays hockey for Cirencester HC and is part of St Ebbe's Church, Oxford. Click here to...