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We get sport from the inside.

Our resources are specially designed for Christians active in competitive sport. Find what you need here, put it into practice, and watch God at work.

4 tips as you join a new club

How can we, as Christians in sport, make the most of the new opportunity joining a club provides? Jesus’ great commission in Matthew 28 to make disciples remains the same, but the place we are doing that, our club, has changed.

The Podcast

A fortnightly podcast helping sportspeople connect their sport and their faith.


Key resources, answering the big questions for Christians who play or coach in competitive and elite sport.


Resources to help players and coaches grow in Christ as they compete


Resources to help you explain why Jesus is good news for players and coaches

Sports Mission Pack

Free resources, helping you put on events to reach sportspeople near you.

From the Stadium to the Stable | Graham Daniels

The Big Online Sports Quiz

Watch Danno speak from Luke 2 and an interview with top level hockey player Wiz Chambers about her sport and faith.

The One Who Came to Serve

The Big Online Sports Quiz

Hampo speaks at November's Big Sports Quiz from Mark 10:45


The Big Online Sports Quiz

Allen speaks at the Big Sports Quiz from Psalm 103.

Where is God in this pandemic?

The Big Online Sports Quiz

Greg speaks on John 3:36 at the Big Online Sports Quiz in September.

Is anyone in control?

The Big Online Sports Quiz

Danno looks at a few verses from the Bible to see what it has to say in chaotic times.

Whose voice can be trusted?

The Big Online Sports Quiz

Lancs speaks at the Big Online Sports Quiz from the book of Matthew.

An unbelievable moment

The Big Online Sports Quiz

Lancs speaks at the Big Online Sports Quiz from John 20 about Thomas and an unbelievable moment he had with Jesus. How will you respond to Jesus?

The Greatest Substitution

The Big Online Sports Quiz

Danno speaks from 1 Peter 3:18​ at the second Big Online Sports Quiz.

Champion Quizzers of the Year

In the build up to The Open, the handful of Christian members at Royal Portrush Golf Club jumped at the opportunity for an evangelistic event and so committed to hosting a sports quiz.

A rugby weekend like no other

One of the best weekends you could ever have as a rugby player