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We get sport from the inside.

Our resources are specially designed for Christians active in competitive sport. Find what you need here, put it into practice, and watch God at work.

The Podcast

A fortnightly podcast helping sportspeople connect their sport and their faith.


Key resources, answering the big questions for Christians who play or coach in competitive and elite sport.

Sports Mission Pack

Free resources, helping you put on events to reach sportspeople near you.

Sports Mission Pack

Free resources, helping you put on events to reach sportspeople near you.


This Christmas lets celebrate the coming of Jesus into the world, and lets share this good news of great joy in the world of sport!

Real Life

Sports Plus 2021 Talks

Our "Real Life" series in the gospel of John, which we went through in our evening meetings.

Transformed to Play

Sports Plus 2021 Talks

Our "Transformed to Play" series from 1 Peter, which we looked at in our morning meetings.

Sports Plus 2021 Talks

All the talks from Sports Plus 2021.

Starting uni

Off to uni this year? We've got some useful resources to help you get started in your sports club

Tokyo 2020

Blogs and podcasts for those involved in the Olympics and Paralympics or those looking for insight into the world of top level sport.

Sports Plus: Big Questions

In Sports Plus: Big Questions, we aim to answer, using God's Word, some of the questions you might have about your sport and your faith.

New Year Training 2021

Talk series from this year's online student conference.

The Big Online Sports Quiz

Talks from the Big Online Sports Quiz


Resources to help you speak of Jesus


Resources to help you stay in the lives of your sports mates


Resources to help you pray for the world of sport

Covid 19

Blogs, podcasts and videos unpacking the issues for sportspeople living during the pandemic.

Dialogue Dinners

Dialogue Dinners are simply evenings where you get your sports mates round for some food and chat about Jesus. This series has blogs, guides and podcasts to help you think through the why and how of doing one yourself.

Clubhouse Xtra 2020 talks

Talks and videos from Clubhouse Xtra 2020 looking at the G.O.A.T in Colossians.

Rugby World Cup resources

Everything you need to put on an event around the Rugby World Cup

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

All the talks from Sports Plus 2019

How do I share my faith with my friends?

24 questions

What does it look like to fully integrate our faith and sport as we seek to encourage sportspeople to believe in Jesus?

How do I pray effectively for my sports friends?


Prayer is an essential feature of the Christian life and it is something we quickly turn to in times of trouble or when in need of guidance. So why do we often struggle to pray consistently?

How can I be competitive in a godly way?


Some of us change so much when we compete that we worry that we shouldn’t compete at all. How can we compete in a godly way in our sport?

How do I bring a sportsperson to hear the gospel proclaimed?


It’s good to look for every opportunity to speak of Jesus with our sports friends, and inviting them to events where a speaker will proclaim the gospel message can provide you with a good starting point to begin conversations.

How can I navigate the sports culture with integrity?


What does your behaviour in your sports club say about who you now are in Christ?

How do I explain the gospel?


One of the reasons we don’t share the gospel may be because we don’t really know it! Here's a helpful framework to help you explain it to a sports mate.

How do I initiate a conversation about Jesus?


Most of us find it easy to initiate a conversation about sport, but the prospect of speaking to a sports friend about Jesus can be daunting.

How do I point people to Jesus in the off-season?


With the season coming to an end, it’s time to rest and reflect on what has been. Yet a danger comes when we do the same with our faith and our willingness to share Jesus with our sports friends. How do we best approach the off-season as Christians?

How can I help my friend become a Christian?


It’s great when a sports friend wants to become a Christian, especially if this is off the back of reading the Bible with them. However, we want to make sure our sports friends are ready to take this commitment and fully understand what they are committing to.

How do we make disciples for Christ in the world of sport?


The world of sport is vast, but the majority do not believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. How do we go and speak to them?

How can I handle pressure in a godly way?


The pressure to perform in sport will have been felt by all of us at some point or other. Whether it is the pressure of a coach, a parent, the crowd. How do we handle pressure as Christians?

Why should I read the Bible with a sports friend?


God’s Word is powerful, and it will do His work in the lives of sportspeople. Our best thoughts, ideas or opinions, though useful, are still those of ourselves, of humans. They cannot compare to the Word of God in either power or influence.

How should I treat officials and referees?


In the heat of competition, we can react negatively both in what we say and in how we act towards an official who has penalised us or - in our eyes - acted unjustly. How are we to understand a godly attitude towards sports officials?

How can I deal with disappointment well?


There will always be disappointment in sport. But how we navigate these as Christians in competitive sport is an important witness to our faith in Christ.

What is our motivation for making disciples in the world of sport?


To make disciples of the vast world of sport is a huge challenge that can feel daunting and overwhelming. What’s our motivation for such a task?

How do I deal with pride as a sportsperson?


In sport, coaches, parents and other teammates can encourage us to be proud. Sometimes this is for encouragement but at other times it is done deliberately to inflate our ego. But how should I view my sporting talents and achievements as a Christian?

How do I act wisely amongst opponents?


Without opponents, our sport wouldn’t exist. But how do we love them as our neighbour rather than hate them as our enemy in opposition?

How do I answer the tough questions sportspeople ask?


When sportspeople ask questions, we want to try and do more than simply answer them and move on. Often there is something behind their initial question, motivating it or hiding a deeper heart issue. How can we answer them well?

How do I develop lasting friendships with sportspeople?


Our friends need to trust us if we are to expect them to explore questions of faith with us. In order to build this trust, alongside spending time with people, we need to be authentic in how we live our lives.

How do I share my story with a sports person?


We love to share good news. So why do we sometimes find it hard to share the Good News of the gospel?

Why is it essential for me to share my faith?


For many of us, we struggle to stand out consistently for Jesus Christ in our sports club. Sometimes we lose sight of the spiritual/eternal implications of knowing Jesus. Why should we share the Good News about Him?

What is my role in pointing sportspeople to Jesus?


What is our role and what is God's role in helping sportspeople come to know Jesus? Understanding your role is crucial as you look to speak and live for Jesus in your sport.

University Group Bible Studies

A series of studies to work through in your group throughout the year

What is the relationship between my sport and God?


How is playing my sport different as a Christian?

How can I balance church and sport?


We are often caught between Sunday services and sporting events as, more and more, sport in our culture clashes with timings of church. How do we get the balance right?


Resources to help you explain why Jesus is good news for players and coaches


Resources to help players and coaches grow in Christ as they compete


Key resources, answering the big questions for Christians who play or coach in competitive and elite sport.

Sunday Sport

A series of blogs looking at this hot issue in today's culture

24 questions

The main questions Christian sportspeople have about their sport and their faith.

Films to show at an event

A selection of short films to show at your event which explain the gospel

Sports Tournaments

Guides about running your own sports tournaments

School Resources

Lessons, Assemblies and Lunch Club guides and plans

Church Resources

Guides about running a prayer gathering and other events in your church

Big Screen Events

Guides and posters for running big screen events

Unstoppable | Ezekiel

All the talks from the book of Ezekiel at Clubhouse Xtra 2019

What does the Bible say about...

A series of blogs looking at a number of the top issues sportspeople face.

The Boot Room

Interviews with former top level footballers about their sport and their faith

The Retirement Question

For elite athletes, this is singularly the greatest issue. When you stop playing, you have no idea who you are, where you fit into society, what your future holds or how to conduct yourself. It’s a tremendous pressure on elite athletes and that’s why we’re looking at it in this podcast series

How do I support my child as a Christian in the world of elite sport?

A free booklet looking at the top 10 questions of parents and guardians of young performance athletes

The Leadership Files

This podcast series, interviewing top level coaches and captains from the world of elite sport, looks at what it means to be a leader and a Christian at the top end of sport

The Podcast

A fortnightly podcast helping sportspeople connect their sport and their faith.

Danno meets...

Graham Daniels interviews former top level sportspeople about their faith and sport