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We get sport from the inside.

Our resources are specially designed for Christians active in competitive sport. Find what you need here, put it into practice, and watch God at work.

Train 1-2-1

A new resource to help you share Jesus this November.

Preparation is everything

Preparation and waiting. The majority of sport is spent in these two states. This time of advent for the Christian sportsperson is no different. So what does it look like to prepare well this Christmas time?

The Podcast

A fortnightly podcast helping sportspeople connect their sport and their faith.


Key resources for Christians who play or coach in competitive and elite sport


Resources to help players and coaches grow in Christ as they compete


Resources to help you explain why Jesus is good news for players and coaches

Sports Mission Pack 2020

Free resources, helping you put on events to reach sportspeople near you.

You Can't Talk to Her! | John 4: 39-42

Danno speaks at Jesmond Parish Church in their series on Identity.

Achieving Victory From the Jaws of Defeat | Mark 8: 34-38

Danno speaks at Jesmond Parish Church in their series on Identity.


Clubhouse Xtra 2020 talks

In Colossians 1 we see Jesus as the supreme one we are called to worship. Produced for Sports Plus 2019

Who do you say I am?

Films to show at an event

In Mark 8 Jesus asks his disciples "Who do you say that I am?" It's the most important question anyone can answer, in a world full of thousands of questions.

Rugby World Cup resources

Everything you need to put on an event around the Rugby World Cup

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

All the talks from Sports Plus 2019

Say | Colossians 4:6

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

Rosie Woodbridge speaks on Colossians 4:6 at Repton Sports Plus 2019.

Pray | Colossians 4:2-4

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

Laura Murdoch speaks on Colossians 4:2-4 at Repton Sports Plus 2019.

Reconciler of all things?

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

Ian Lancaster speaks on Colossians 1:19-23 at Repton Sports Plus 2019.

Alive and kicking?

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

Duncan Leese speaks on Mark 16:1-8 at Repton Sports Plus 2019.

Dead and buried?

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

Jen Harris speaks on Mark 15:33-39 at Repton Sports Plus 2019.

Life saving stories

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

Two leaders share their stories of coming to faith and now living as a Christian sports player at Repton Sports Plus 2019.

Life saver?

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

Graham Daniels speaks on Mark 8:34-38 at Repton Sports Plus 2019.

Power over nature?

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

Charlie Tidd speaks on Mark 4:35-41 at Repton Sports Plus 2019.

Power over sin?

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

Mike Harris speaks on Mark 2:1-12 at Repton Sports Plus 2019.

Worth following?

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

Phil Small speaks on Mark 1:9-11 and 14-20 at Dublin Sports Plus 2019.

Who do you say Jesus is?

Sports Plus 2019 Talks

Allen McCluggage speaks on Mark 1:1 and Mark 8:27-30 at Dublin Sports Plus 2019.

Champion Quizzers of the Year

In the build up to The Open, the handful of Christian members at Royal Portrush Golf Club jumped at the opportunity for an evangelistic event and so committed to hosting a sports quiz.

New Sports Mission Pack material for summer of World Cups

Make the most of this epic summer of sport!

Unstoppable | Ezekiel

All the talks from the book of Ezekiel at Clubhouse Xtra 2019

Ezekiel 37

Unstoppable | Ezekiel

Greg finishes off our series in Ezekiel at our student conference

Ezekiel 36

Unstoppable | Ezekiel

Danno speaks at our student conference on Ezekiel 36

Ezekiel 34

Unstoppable | Ezekiel

Greg continues our series in the book of Ezekiel at our student conference

Ezekiel 1:1-2:7

Unstoppable | Ezekiel

Greg kicks off our student conference series in the book of Ezekiel


Unstoppable | Ezekiel

As we look at all that is going on in the world, we can easily ask - "God, where are you?" The book of Ezekiel helps us see that God is not only with us, he is for us and he is unstoppable to achieve his purposes

The dilemma we can't ignore

Sunday Sport

Parents and pastors alike find themselves torn between prioritising children’s spiritual growth and encouraging them in the sport they are evidently passionate about. It is a very real dilemma

A rugby weekend like no other

One of the best weekends you could ever have as a rugby player